Before You Attend A Coding Bootcamp…

Deciding to go to a coding bootcamp can be a very difficult decision. Expinion offers some information that can make the decision a bit easier, but everyone is different. We recommend reasearching a lot of different programs and reading reviews from actual alumni on sites like Switch Up. Just like any other purchase or big decision it helps to get real feedback. Using Yelp to find out about a new restaurant is an example. If you were interested in getting into casual dating you might check out USAsexguide before you jumped into an adult casual encounter. Either way you get the point. The video from Web dev plus Eli below does a great job of outlining 4 things a prospective bootcamp student should do before signing up and attending a coding bootcamp.

We absolutely agree with checking off these 4 things before jumping into a bootcamp. Of course for proper due diligence it makes sense to do an even deeper dive to find the right fit for you. However, be sure that you don’t skip over these key points. You won’t regret it.

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