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Which Programming Language?!?

The question of which language to learn is a never ending debate. We can waste a lot of words to say what this infographic displays fairly clearly. The first question about which language is best for you should be what is it that you want to do with it. Do you want to build a mobile app? Do you want to build scalable websites? a website like is built with php as it has a need to be able to share a lot of different content with specified structures and organizations. A mobile dating app like Hinge might require a different language due to its platform and functions.

So first consider what it is you would like to employ and accomplish once you have command of a specific programming language. Take a look at the above graphic to get you thinking further. … Keep Reading

Programs For Children To Learn How To Code

Presently the scenario is we cannot avoid anything when it comes to or our kids. The same is the case with technology and its learning. Technology is so advanced that we cannot hide it for long from our children. In fact, there is no need for us to hide it as well.

The coding system is one of those systems that is necessary for everyone to learn. If you are among those who wants to learn to code then you must be aware of the fact that it will take a lot of time. Therefore, it has been suggested that if you are looking forward to teaching your child about coding, start it now.

There are numerous platforms are available that will help in teaching Programs For Children to Learn How To Code. But before choosing any of the platforms, it is necessary to know which one is the best to consider.

When you are going to choose a platform for your children to learn about coding just make sure about a few things, such as:


Do not fall for the courses that assure to teach your child coding in just a few weeks or days. It is necessary to choose a platform that will take time but teach your child well. Coding is all about practice. Therefore, it is necessary to know about the duration they are asking for.


If you are looking forward to sending your child to an institution to learn to code, just make sure the place is equipped with professionals. It is necessary to know whether the person who is going to teach your child is a professional or not. You cannot send your child to a place where professionals are not available. If it so happens, your child might end up with no interest in coding.


It is not necessary that if you send your child to an institution then only he can learn about coding. If you are having any knowledge about coding then also you can go for it. There are numerous applications available online that are proven out to be the best apps to let children learn about coding. Just make sure the application you are choosing has covered all the basics and has everything appropriate and necessary included.


Routine is something that cannot be avoided when it comes to learning to code. Make sure your child is learning about it regularly. Do not create irregularities in the schedule; your child is supposed to be followed to learn it. Do not forget about the timings as well. If you have decided to learn for one hour in a day, stick to it. Do not create a burden on him to learn it.


Treat your child with quality. The coding system is so vast that you cannot judge which is good or which is not. Just make sure whatever your child is learning, it is having quality in it. Do not teach him unnecessary concepts. Stick to concepts. Do not involve useless things in the routine. If you are choosing an application then make sure that it also promotes quality except for quantity.


Try to let him know about the concepts behind the particular coding. You are supposed to cram the things when it comes to coding but it will become easy if the concepts are cleared. Just make sure whatever you are going to teach your child is available with concepts. Once the concepts are cleared, it will become easier for him to understand coding.


Do not get stuck to one type only. Along with quality, try to teach your child quantity as well. You never know which concept he will require further to complete his task. Just make sure, your child is learning every kind of coding. Just make sure whether the coding is related to applications or software; everything will be cleared to him in detail. Do not compromise with any of the particular things related to coding.


Coding is a game. If you teach coding to your child in a not-so-serious way then he can learn about it more easily. Usually, it has been seen that things when available with easy means, children learn it so well. The same is applicable to you in the case of coding. Just make sure you are not making it a burden to your child. If you will pressurize your child to learn to code, he or she will end up learning nothing.

Hence it has been concluded that if you want to make your child learn new things and want him to know more about coding, either you have to send him to the institution or you can teach him on your own by following the mentioned means. Just be attentive and get engaged with your child as well.… Keep Reading



Coding is just more than a career for many people. Coding is magic for those people who really enjoy it. If we speak generally, coding is a technical way of creating programs on the computer. Those people who have a technical background must be familiar with many different programming languages in which they can code. A perfect coder is not that person who codes the program for getting the desired result. There are many factors which should be kept in mind while writing the code of the program. For example, the size of the program, the execution time of the program. Less the number of lines of code less will be the size of the program. That’s why a perfect coder is that person who codes the program for getting the desired result keeping the other factors in mind. At the present time, there are many ways in which a person can learn to code. Many people go to the coaching classes for learning the programming languages. On the other hand, people can learn it at home too. There are many websites available on the internet which teaches a code of different languages free of cost.

Once you develop a basis of knowledge and skill you can begin to contribute to open source projects. There are a number of projects over a variety of different fields that allow people to create open source content in the form of code. It is great to find different websites, software, and apps that fall in your area of interest to practice and test your coding skills. If you click here you will find an example of an adult dating app that came about due to open source contributions. So as you can see from dating apps to utility software their are a lot of open source options out there. It is worth your time to seek out these opportunities to practice and test your new skills.


Here are the names of some popular websites which teaches how to code absolutely free. They are listed below:

  • Code Academy
  • Khan Academy
  • Codewars
  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • Free Code Camp
  • Code Conquest
  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology OpenCourseWare
  • GA dash
  • Udacity
  • Google Android Training
  • Code Player
  • Code School
  • The Odin Project
  • HTML5 Project
  • A List Apart
  • SitePoint
  • TutsPlus
  • After Hours Programming


The teaches you how to code in many different languages. This website provides video lectures also with theory content. Those people are interested in the game development can also learn here with the programming languages like JavaScript and many more. For quick learning of the students, this website provides teacher-led lessons. The main objective of this website is to make computer science easy and interesting for the students.


The code academy website provides tutorials for how to code in many different programming languages. This website provides the tutorials on the following topics:

  • Website development
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on rails
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • AngularJs
  • SQL
  • Git
  • Command line

It has been said that more than 25 million people have learned how to code from this website.


This website teaches the coding the students in an easier way. The mobile application of Khan Academy is also available. The best feature of the Khan Academy is that at this website students can share their programs or information with each other. This activity also helps in raising the knowledge of the students. This website provides tutorials in the video form. People can learn HTML, JavaScript, CSS, animations and all knowledge which is required for designing games and websites. Moreover, with the help of Khan Academy, people can learn how to prepare our own database. Apart from coding, khan academy provides tutorials on other subjects too.


The code wars website also provides tutorials for coding in different programming languages. The feature that makes it stand out from the rest of the websites is that it teaches by giving a challenge at every stage. When you are done with learning one topic, then a challenge will be given to you based on that topic. This activity, enhances your skills, how better you have learned. People can learn programming languages like JavaScript, Java, Python, Clojure, Ruby, C#, CoffeeScript, etc. Moreover, people can also take a look at the solutions of other people at the end of every challenge. This activity helps in increasing the pile of knowledge of the people. One more interesting thing is provided here that people can create their own challenges too.


The Coursera is known as a huge platform for learning the coding in different programming languages. The Coursera offers 1773 courses. This website provides tutorials of the different professors of different universities. People can learn topics like SQL, Python, Robotics, etc. You can learn to code here for free, but if you want to achieve a certificate in any language, then you have to pay for that language to the Coursera.


Udemy website also teaches coding in different programming languages. Moreover, on the Udemy website, some courses are … Keep Reading

What Does A Computer Programmer Do?

You may or may not have a good explanation of what a computer programmer does, but either way if you decide to pursue programming you will be getting that question a lot. Here is a video that does a great job of explaining it.

Next time someone asks you, “what does a computer programmer actually do?” you can just have them watch this video. So whether you want to create amazing websites. launch the best dating apps, or pursue the other endless avenues that programming skills allow you to, you will now have a quick video to explain just what a computer programmer actually does. … Keep Reading