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Pros & Cons of jQuery

jQuery is a Javascript open source library that simplifies web applications especially HTML. It is a compilation of many e-libraries that makes the navigation simple as well as easy to go. Its main object is to simplify document object model creations and its manipulation. It mainly works on XML and asynchronous event handling. jQuery is a set of Javascript e-libraries which does not require more effort for coding and it specifically simplifies HTML documents, Ajax animations and event handling with less coding requirement. So basically it is a very simple and easy way to work on web applications and event creations. When jQuery was not in existence most of the web users and developers used Javascript to create the web designs and framework for event handling, but it was a very time consuming script. Javascript was also very complicated in terms of web browsing, developing and coding too. So to simplify this process a group of web developers created a set of Javascript libraries which was more powerful and easy. So both are the same languages but it is a modified version of Javascript that simplifies HTML documents mainly. It focuses on working in less coding mainly. It is majorly optimized to work in a simplified way with a variety of web developers. It takes less time in animation and event handling for most of the web browsers.

Pros of jQuery:

Most of the Javascripts libraries work in a complex and large coding manner as compared to jQuery, that’s why this is the most used library in today’s time. Some projects need specific coding functions which are only available in traditional javascripts but jQuery can also make their styles scripted in this manner too. So it is a quick and smarter script as compared to others. Javascript still has difficulties to work on cross browsers but in the case of jQuery it can work with a variety of browsers in a simplified manner. So it is a less effort web tool which gives more results to give desired framework in a simple and light manner. As in Javascripts a lot of coding is required so jQuery can shorten those codes and lines in a simplified single line of coding wrap which makes the content more focused. That’s why it is the most popular yet most used library these days by many big names like Google, IBM, Microsoft and Netflix etc. In addition to simplifying the HTML codes and documents it also works on animations and graphic effects. DOM means document objects model, it can also manipulate these programs as well as it can handle AJAX and HTML events with ease and less coding. Beside this it can also manipulate CSS scripts and utilities with a variety of browsers including cross browsers too which can not be worked with other Javascripts. It helps to create dynamic web pages which provide a more powerful framework. These web pages are also helpful in making diverse web applications and their manipulation in scripts if required. In order to simplify the content first it separates HTML and Javascript libraries so that web developers can use these events separately and easily. With its shorthand functions it can make the content more clear and precise. Beside that it has the quality to add new methods and events to the previous elements, so it has adaption quality which makes it friendlier to users. It can also work with other Javascripts that were being used highly before it. Because of its key features it became highly popular among web users as it is now used by top of the websites and used by more than 74% of users worldwide after its launch in 2006. By its plug-in feature it became more accessible and extensible for manipulating events. As it has an open source engine called Sizzle it enhances the work efficiency with different varieties of web browsers. It can control asynchronous processing of lines and codes and also provides detection of features. The most important feature of jQuery is it can cope up with both modern browsers as well as old browsers which make it compatible to all the browsers. So it is a wrap up of many Javascript files which includes HTML, DOM, AJAX events and their files with manipulation and scripting of different files and their events in a less coding service for all the different web developers and browsers.

Cons of jQuery:

There are also some drawbacks of this most used library along with so many qualities as it contains all its files and components as a single file so when the user downloads it it comes as a huge e library with a very long uncompressed file of kilobytes. As it takes a lot of time plus it occupies a large space too. One more is that some new and modern browsers can also do the same work like jQuery now and they also do not take too much time in this. So its DOM manipulating feature is now accessible and much quicker with modern browsers help. With that its complex parts are also hidden … Keep Reading

Which Programming Language?!?

The question of which language to learn is a never ending debate. We can waste a lot of words to say what this infographic displays fairly clearly. The first question about which language is best for you should be what is it that you want to do with it. Do you want to build a mobile app? Do you want to build scalable websites? a website like is built with php as it has a need to be able to share a lot of different content with specified structures and organizations. A mobile dating app like Hinge might require a different language due to its platform and functions.

So first consider what it is you would like to employ and accomplish once you have command of a specific programming language. Take a look at the above graphic to get you thinking further. … Keep Reading

Best Coding Boot Camps

Are you looking forward to a camp or a place where you can learn about coding easily? Do you want to learn how to code with professionals? Do you want to know each and everything about coding? Then you must consider some facts that are necessary to consider when it comes to choosing best coding bootcamps.

In this era, where new generations are so advanced, everything needs modification. Therefore, it is a must to learn things from those places which are available with all those necessary things that are a must for certain professions.

When it comes to knowing about coding we get confused and end up learning nothing. But if you are determined enough to learn things, then coding is not a big deal for you. There are numerous boot camps organized which actually let people know more about coding. But it is necessary to consider which you can choose for yourself. Consider all the under-mentioned points when it comes to considering a boot camp for coding.


It is necessary to know whether the place you are looking forward to learning coding has experts available with them or not. It is necessary to get trained by experts when it comes to coding. You cannot compromise here. Experts will tell you the entire concept in detail and will also help you to learn it more easily. Therefore, it is your duty to know about the teaching staff available.


Just make sure about the course they are offering. We all are aware of the fact that coding is subdivided into many categories. Therefore, it is your duty to know whether the course you are looking for is available with the boot camp or not. Apart from considering the course at the boot camp, just make sure about your interest as well. This will help you to choose it more effectively.


Just make sure about the duration they are asking you for a particular course. Usually, it has been seen that many of the boot camps assure you to teach coding in a few days or week. We suggest you do not approach them at all. Coding is a game but you cannot learn it in the blink of an eye. Just make sure about the duration they are asking you to teach it.


Just make sure that whatever you are leaning at a boot camp, you are learning with quality. It is necessary to know whether they are offering you quality or not. It plays a very important role when it comes to choosing a boot camp. Therefore, it has been suggested to you that if you want to know about the boot camp well, then know about the quality they offer.


Quantity plays a very important role. As much as quality is important, the same way quantity is. The coding system is so vast that you cannot get out of it easily. Once you have started learning to code, you will come to know about new things daily. Therefore, just make sure whether the boot camp you are choosing is available with the quantity or not. Once you will be satisfied with the same, you can choose it.


Just make sure about the schedule the boot camp is following. A schedule plays a very important role when it comes to learning to code. You cannot compromise with it at all. Go for the boot camp which offers you classes on a regular basis. Do not get stuck between classes on alternate days. Many institutions are available that offer you to learn to code on alternate days. Do not approach them, at all. They will do nothing except serving you peanuts in return of your time.


Routine is one of those things that is a must to consider when it comes to choosing a boot camp to learn to code. There is no need for you to get stuck between those boot camps that are teaching you irregularly. Coding is a concept you can only learn regularly. Therefore, it is necessary to know whether the boot camp is following a proper routine or not. If the boot camp hits at first in routine, then go ahead; you are on the right track.

Practice classes:

Also, make sure about the practice classes and doubt sessions of the boot camp. There are several boot camps available that assure to provide the best but do not have the facility of problem-solving sessions or practice sessions. Just ask them before you are taking a step forward to take admission in the boot camp. Once you will get sure about the same, you are all set to take admission in it.

Therefore, it has been concluded that if you are looking forward to choosing a boot camp then you are supposed to consider the above-mentioned facts. These will help you to choose the best one for you.… Keep Reading

Programs For Children To Learn How To Code

Presently the scenario is we cannot avoid anything when it comes to or our kids. The same is the case with technology and its learning. Technology is so advanced that we cannot hide it for long from our children. In fact, there is no need for us to hide it as well.

The coding system is one of those systems that is necessary for everyone to learn. If you are among those who wants to learn to code then you must be aware of the fact that it will take a lot of time. Therefore, it has been suggested that if you are looking forward to teaching your child about coding, start it now.

There are numerous platforms are available that will help in teaching Programs For Children to Learn How To Code. But before choosing any of the platforms, it is necessary to know which one is the best to consider.

When you are going to choose a platform for your children to learn about coding just make sure about a few things, such as:


Do not fall for the courses that assure to teach your child coding in just a few weeks or days. It is necessary to choose a platform that will take time but teach your child well. Coding is all about practice. Therefore, it is necessary to know about the duration they are asking for.


If you are looking forward to sending your child to an institution to learn to code, just make sure the place is equipped with professionals. It is necessary to know whether the person who is going to teach your child is a professional or not. You cannot send your child to a place where professionals are not available. If it so happens, your child might end up with no interest in coding.


It is not necessary that if you send your child to an institution then only he can learn about coding. If you are having any knowledge about coding then also you can go for it. There are numerous applications available online that are proven out to be the best apps to let children learn about coding. Just make sure the application you are choosing has covered all the basics and has everything appropriate and necessary included.


Routine is something that cannot be avoided when it comes to learning to code. Make sure your child is learning about it regularly. Do not create irregularities in the schedule; your child is supposed to be followed to learn it. Do not forget about the timings as well. If you have decided to learn for one hour in a day, stick to it. Do not create a burden on him to learn it.


Treat your child with quality. The coding system is so vast that you cannot judge which is good or which is not. Just make sure whatever your child is learning, it is having quality in it. Do not teach him unnecessary concepts. Stick to concepts. Do not involve useless things in the routine. If you are choosing an application then make sure that it also promotes quality except for quantity.


Try to let him know about the concepts behind the particular coding. You are supposed to cram the things when it comes to coding but it will become easy if the concepts are cleared. Just make sure whatever you are going to teach your child is available with concepts. Once the concepts are cleared, it will become easier for him to understand coding.


Do not get stuck to one type only. Along with quality, try to teach your child quantity as well. You never know which concept he will require further to complete his task. Just make sure, your child is learning every kind of coding. Just make sure whether the coding is related to applications or software; everything will be cleared to him in detail. Do not compromise with any of the particular things related to coding.


Coding is a game. If you teach coding to your child in a not-so-serious way then he can learn about it more easily. Usually, it has been seen that things when available with easy means, children learn it so well. The same is applicable to you in the case of coding. Just make sure you are not making it a burden to your child. If you will pressurize your child to learn to code, he or she will end up learning nothing.

Hence it has been concluded that if you want to make your child learn new things and want him to know more about coding, either you have to send him to the institution or you can teach him on your own by following the mentioned means. Just be attentive and get engaged with your child as well.… Keep Reading

What Does A Computer Programmer Do?

You may or may not have a good explanation of what a computer programmer does, but either way if you decide to pursue programming you will be getting that question a lot. Here is a video that does a great job of explaining it.

Next time someone asks you, “what does a computer programmer actually do?” you can just have them watch this video. So whether you want to create amazing websites. launch the best dating apps, or pursue the other endless avenues that programming skills allow you to, you will now have a quick video to explain just what a computer programmer actually does. … Keep Reading