Applications of Python

In today’s world, everything is technologically inspired. Right from booking a movie ticket to buying groceries, everything can be handled virtually. There is a lot that technology has to offer for sale to take by surprise. There is no doubt that our world is constantly impending towards the innovative era of technology improvement. This, in response, maximizes the desire for the candidates with potent programming knowledge to support and application development.

One such language that is accepted and preferred globally for the development is Python. Thus, begs the question, what is Python and its applications.

About Python

Python is an object-oriented programming language used for dynamic applications globally. Natively, it is a high-level programming language that enables the creation of both simple and intricate operations. In addition to this, Python offers a wide array of inbuilt modules and libraries which enables it to support various other programming languages such as Java, C, C++, and JSON.

Python has gained popularity globally for its versatility and scope of applicability. Several ventures are proposed to choose Python as their programming language as it has created a significant hallmark for itself with distinct features such as:

  • Focus on Code Simplicity and Readability
  • Freely Available and Open Source
  • Supports GUI Programming
  • Supports Object-Oriented Language
  • Integrated by Nature
  • Offers Large Standard Library
  • Both Portable and Integrated Language

Applications of Python

After understanding the basic concepts of Python, let’s look at the applications of Python which guides both amateurs and experts in studying and perfecting their programming skills.

Below is the list of few implied Python application

  • Internet and Web Development

Python allows creating internet/web applications without any hassles. It comprises of libraries for internet protocols such as JSON, E-mail Processing, FTP, IMAP, HTML and XML making it great for mobile app development. Many large scale apps are developed with Python including Meet n Fuck Free, FWB App, and many other apps that span different services.

  • GUI Desktop Applications

Python allows drafting a user interface for an application. Besides, few toolkits are on hand such as:

  • Kivy – used for drafting multitouch applications
  • wxWidgets
  • PySide

Apart from the above, there are few platform-specific toolkits such as:

  • Delphi
  • Microsoft Foundation Classes via win32 extensions
  • GTK+
  • Numeric and Science

This being one of the most common applications of Python programming, it is evident that Python finds its grade in the scientific community. Thus, we have:

  • SciPy
  • Pandas
  • IPython
  • Software Carpentry Course
  • NumPy

Development of Software

Python is used by Software Developers as a support language for testing, management, build-control, and many other things such as:

  • Buildbot, Apache Group – used for testing, repeated compilation, and automation
  • SCons – used for build-control
  • Roundup, Trac – used for managing projects and tracking the bugs


Python is termed as a strong elementary programming language for its clarity, huge community, and instability. In the field of education, Applications of Python programming has a huge opportunity as it is the best language to teach in a school or for self-study.

Database Access

Python programming offers the following:

ODBC and Custom interfaces to MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and much more. These are free to download.

Standard Database API

Programming of Network- Python programming offers support to low-level network programming – Twisted Python and Socket Interface.

3D and Games Graphics- This is termed as the most interesting applications since it is used in game development. Python programming includes two frameworks for creating games – PyGame and PyKyra

Wrapping up, Python is the ideal technology in developing web applications, create a user interface for an application without any much hassles. Thus, Python programming has made a remarkable place in the scientific community.

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